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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Information Management - The Series

SharePoint in the Real World - Information Management

I've been playing around with this new blog and this thing is so complex that I decided to create several blog post for this one. 
  • Information management - Findability & Data
  • Information management - Analysis
  • Information management - Deployment
  • Information management - Maintenance
The above is certainly not carved in stone. I'm not totally convinced that Deployement and Maintance will become different blogs. Maybe I'll group them. maybe I will add more..and maybe the above will prove just about wright!

Findability & Data

Findability & data is all about how users find the data they need, what data it is that they need, how they are going to use it and why. This information is crucial for the steps to come.


Analysis is all about analysing the information & business requirements. In this blog I'll write how I go about determining the requirements and validating them to the conceptual, logical and physical architecture. (I think I will also need to explain about the conceptual, logical and physical architecture)


Okay, analysis is done! We are ready to create and deploy this stuf! Cool, but how are we going to do that?


As a wise man once said: WHOOHOO we deployed it and everything is fine we can go home and die - or do something else :-). Nooo some user wants to change my beloved configuration! Now what? Maybe we'd better think this through before hand. That's what this blog is going to be about. Planning for change and how change effects your environment, time-2-market and what not.

I really hope you guys and girls appreciate the effort and give me some feedback!


Friday, December 30, 2011

Real World SharePoint

To determine what Real World SharePoint is we have to know what it is not. So what is Real World SharePoint IMHO not?
  • Real World SharePoint is not brought to you by the Microsoft marketing division (no-offense intended).
  • Real World SharePoint is not what you are tought at most(!) education facilities.
  • Real World SharePoint is not what you are asked during a MCP exam.
  • Real World SharePoint is not something you pick up by reading a book.

As with everything in life, from riding a bike to starting a fire with a couple of sticks, you have to expierenced the real thing! Same goes with SharePoint.
Installing SharePoint is easy! Just insert the DVD or mount that ISO and your off…
SharePoint is blazing fast… on my 8GB laptop with SSD and using a local SQL Server 2008R2
Security is a piece of cake

When you are stepping into the Real World of SharePoint you will definitly have to:
  • Know what the Microsoft marketing division is selling.
  • Be educated at a highly recommende education centre.
  • Passed an MCP exam or 2…3…4…5...
  • Read every book you can get you hands at.
  • Know the best practices for the areas of SharePoint you will be facing

In this blog I will try to let you see my Real SharePoint World.


I am not God!

No I aint.
I don't pretend to be.
I don't want to be (although Jim Carrey showed some nice tricks).

So everything I write in this blog, tweet, sing, link to or whatever is my humble opion. I'll try to be as thorough and correct as possible but…