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Friday, January 22, 2016

Think before you act

Think before you act

Information flows
SharePoint is just an enabler. The people that use your precious intranet, collaboration or whatever solution are the ones you need to keep happy. Mostly they don't give a…great deal about the technology below, in this case: SharePoint.
They just need to do their job and preferably as fast as possible! 

That is one of the major reasons why you need to think before you act. Ask yourself:
  • What are we trying to accomplish with this solution?
  • Who will be using this solution?
  • What is it that they need to do?

You need to be able to answer the questions above before even thinking about creating site collections, libraries or other objects. Please do! Plan for SharePoint 2013
Once you have the answers you will need to document them. Again Microsoft helps us by providing templates for documenting your solutions Planning worksheets. 
The planning worksheets help you build your logical architecture. Perhaps you already notice we are working from the business down! Please remember that we are building a solution for real people.
In my future posts we will be diving head first in the information architecture to find out that different persona's work with your solution, requiring their own specifics that need to be facilitated!

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